ARC is the leader in facilitating multi-partner projects for amphibian and reptile conservation.  First we bring together the resources of different agencies, institutions, and individuals.  Then we coordinate the combined effort.   

Some examples include:

  • Rare Species Surveys

Inventory and monitoring projects including government agencies, university scientists, private contractors, and individual volunteers.  Species have included Carolina Gopher Frogs, Flatwoods Salamanders, Eastern Hellbenders, Wood Turtles, Southern Hognose Snakes, Spotted Turtles, and Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes. 

  • Wetlands Restoration

Working with Federal, State, and NGO partners, ARC has helped restore over 50 disappearing wetlands, from New England to the West Coast.  Sites are targeted because of their critical value to declining amphibian species, such as the California Red-legged Frog.