Wetland Glee Club

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Wetland Glee Club

Rare audio of gopher frogs

ARC recently captured a moving frog chorus including the rare call of the gopher frog. Listen below!

What you’re hearing:

  1. Soprano: The occasional high-pitched “tinkling crystal” sounds are little grass frogs, our smallest frog. Grass frogs are heard frequently but almost never seen because they’re only about the size of a toddler’s thumbnail!
  2. Tenor: All of the chuckling and chattering are leopard frogs. Their call is frequent and very insistent during parts of the recording.
  3. Bass: Those low, deep snoring sounds are the Holy Grail: gopher frogs! They are heard close to the microphone and the distant rumbling like freight trains are even more gopher frogs, too numerous to delineate.

This wetland chorus captures the primitive sounds of the gopher frog that are sure to send goosebumps up your arms! The gopher frog’s song is a reminder of why our work to save the species is so important.

Automated recording devices called “frog loggers” were used to capture the frog song
(Photo courtesy of Ben Morrison)