Increasing population of wood turtles in the Northeastern US

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Increasing population of wood turtles in the Northeastern US

A guide for future generations’ survival.

Wood turtles (Glyptemys insculpta) have been declining across their range in the northeastern United States despite the protected status they have in many areas due to common threats (habitat loss and degradation, fragmentation by highways, and water pollution), in addition to being targeted by commercial poachers and international wildlife traffickers.

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However, we have some positive signs that are helping us stave off population decline!

Continuation of a long-term population monitoring and mark-recapture study has shown that Dr. Gary Casper and the USDA Forest Service have established a stable (if not increasing) population of wood turtles. Why are Dr. Casper’s populations so robust while other populations are vanishing? The answers could guide management and recovery of wood turtles rangewide.

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