Discovered! A New Species of Green Salamander!

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Discovered! A New Species of Green Salamander!

What are the conservation implications of a new discovery?

When you make a donation to help amphibians, reptiles, their habitats, and the network of people who are doing conservation work, you want to know that your money is making an actual difference—that we’re making progress.

Sometimes the work that ARC does is giving us better information about a species by monitoring test colonies so we can be more effective in the future. Sometimes we’re coordinating efforts among different agencies, individuals, and landowners so we can get to a better solution, faster. And every once in a while, we get to be a part of the holy grail of herpetology: the discovery of a new species!

Dr. Apodaca, ARC’s Director of Conservation and Science, was part of the team that discovered a new species of Green salamander (Plethodontidae: Aneides caryaensis) in western North Carolina! Now, we grapple with the conservation implications of finding a new species with a very limited geographic distribution.

Since we now know this second species of Green salamanders exists, the most pressing conservation work and research needs moving forward are population surveys, habitat management guidelines, landscape genetic analyses, and habitat use studies. Your support helps make these efforts happen.

Through our work facilitating multi-partner projects in the highest priority areas for amphibian and reptile conservation, we are able to play a key role in future research for Green salamanders and many other threatened species like them.

If you’d like us to continue to drive herp conservation forward, make your year-end donation today.

Learn more about the Green salamander here.