Meet Our Newest Field Team Members

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Field Team Member Sydney Sheedy

Sydney Sheedy joined our field team earlier this month and will be with us throughout the year and hopefully beyond. Sydney has worked with all manner of wildlife, including shore birds and sea turtles, not to mention the time she has spent as a volunteer on our projects. Sydney will take over many of Maggie’s former duties, help lead habitat assessment teams, fill in wherever needed, and assist Ben with project management and coordination.

Field Team Member Jessica Hinson

Jessica Hinson, who came to us via a College of Charleston herp class way back in 2015, has also been a sturdy and welcomed volunteer ever since. She will be a utility infielder, able to assist with GIS/modeling and scientific oversight, as well as getting dirty in the field with us as circumstances warrant. Jessica will be with us through early-mid May, but I have a feeling she will eventually land back with The Amphibian and Reptile Conservancy somewhere, somehow.

Please make them feel welcome!

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